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Section C Directions: Read the passage carefully. Fill in each blank with a proper sentence given in the box. Each sentence can be used only once. Note that there are two more sentences than you need.? ?
Unit 1,
A. As you walk, pay close attention to your surroundings.
B. Make a plan to get off campus and explore your surroundings.
C. If you’re averaging seven hours or less, commit to sleeping at least eight hours tonight.
D. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, don’t punish yourself by pushing your mind and body to their limits.
E. A comfortable corner in the library and even an empty classroom are perfect places to relax and recharge.
F. Actually, it is possible to shorten sleep time by up to 1 hour without the risk of sleep deprivation (剥夺) if you know how to have high quality sleep.
Self-Care Strategies for College Students
Most college students don’t put self-care at the top of their to do lists. When you’re caught up in the whirlwind(旋风) of classes, extra-curricular, work, friendships, and final exams, it’s easy to ignore a task that doesn’t come with a deadline (even if that task is simply “taking care of yourself”). Embrace the excitement and intensity of college life, but remember that maintaining your physical, mental, and emotional health is essential to your success and well-being. (67)_________ Instead, take time out to take care of yourself with some of these self-care strategies.
Get Away for some Alone Time. If you live with roommates, privacy can be hard to come by, so make it your mission to find a peaceful place on campus to call your own. (68)_________.
Take a Mindful Walk Around Campus. When you’re strolling to class, try this mindfulness exercise to center yourself and destress. (69)__________ Feel free to people-watch, but pay attention to sensory details too, like the smell of a nearby barbecue or the sensation of pavement under your shoes. Take note of at least five beautiful or intriguing things you notice along your route. You might find yourself feeling a little calmer by the time you reach your destination.
Stage a Sleep Intervention. How much sleep do you really get each night? (70)__________ By doing that, you’ll begin the process of repaying your sleep debt and establishing healthy new sleep habits. Don’t buy into the myth that the less you’re sleeping, the harder you’re working. Your mind and body need consistent sleep to operate at optimum levels--you simply can’t do your best work without it.
Download a New Podcast. Take a break from the books, grab your headphones, and listen to some immersive mysteries, compelling interviews, or laugh-out-loud comedy. There are thousands of podcasts covering almost every subject imaginable, so you’re sure to find something that interests you.
67-70 D EAC
Unit 2,?
A. However, facial recognition seems merely to encode them.
B. Research show that artificial intelligence can reconstruct the facial structures of people.
C. Anyone with a phone can take a picture for facial-recognition programs to use.
D. Technology is rapidly catching up with the human ability to read faces.
E. Continuous facial recording that paints computerized data onto the real world might change the texture of social interactions.
F. The astonishing variety of facial features helps people recognize each other and is crucial to the formation of complex societies.
Nowhere to Hide: What Machines Can Tell From Your Face
The human face is a remarkable piece of work.? 67? . So is the face’s ability to send emotional signals, whether through the unconscious shame or the trick of a false smile. People spend much of their waking lives, in the office and the courtroom as well as the bar and the bedroom, reading faces, for signs of attraction, hostility, trust and deceit. They also spend plenty of time trying to hide their feelings, intentions or nature.
68? .In America facial recognition is used by churches to track worshippers’ attendance; in Britain, by retailers to spot past shoplifters. This year Welsh police used it to arrest a suspect outside a football game. In China it confirms the identities of ride-hailing drivers, permits tourists to enter attractions and lets people pay for things with a smile. Apple’s new iPhone is expected to use it to unlock the homescreen
Set against human skills, such applications might seem enhancive. Some breakthroughs, such as flight or the internet, obviously transform human abilities.? 69? .Although faces are peculiar to individuals, they are also public, so technology does not, at first sight, intrude on something that is private. And yet the ability to record, store and analyse images of faces cheaply, quickly and on a vast scale promises one day to bring about fundamental changes to notions of privacy, fairness and trust.
70? .Masking true feelings helps fix the wheels of daily life. If your partner can spot every prohibited yawn, and your boss every hint of annoyance, marriages and working relationships will be more truthful, but less harmonious. The basis of social interactions might change, too, from a set of commitments founded on trust to calculations of risk and reward derived from the information a computer attaches to someone’s face. Relationships might become more reasonable, but also transactional.? 67-70? FDAE


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